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Learn New Tools and Techniques
for Expanding Your Ecstatic Potential!

Open Wider! Dive Deeper! Expand Even More!.
These intermediate-to-advanced trainings and workshops are designed primarily for graduates of introductory/Level 1 Tantra classes or trainings. Those with equivalent/relevant experience may also attend. Please call for more information and a pre-training interview.

Offered as private coaching sessions as well as in a variety of fun, practical workshop formats (one-, two-, and three day workshops; weekly classes (10 week series)), you will:

• Learn new Tantric tools, practices, and meditations to further your ability to cultivate intention, awareness, and joy into relationships and in everyday life.

• Identify, embrace, and move beyond sexual wounds, resistances, and armoring, including fears and negative attitudes or patterns that block your ability to experience pleasure and joy.

• Practice advanced techniques for enhancing sexual energy – using breathe, movement, and sound to bring aliveness and ecstasy into your life and your lovemaking.

• Understand your sexual arousal and orgasmic response, learn to enhance sexual energy, and expand your orgasmic potential.

• Discover the streaming process as a tool for relaxing into high states of arousal and connecting to your natural state of ecstasy.

• Explore the bio-energetic relationship between mind and body and how to transform your past conditioning and messages about sexuality so that you experience a greater sense of aliveness, well-being, and wholeness.

These trainings are appropriate for singles, couples, and partners. Pre-requisites or pre-admission interview required. For more information about these and other Tantra programs, call Michael at (408) 309-0962 or email

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to the program are refundable less a $20 administrative charge per registrant. Cancellations received less than 7 days will be issued a credit towards a future program or session.

The Art of Ecstatic Love
Michael Pooley, Founder & Director
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