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Tantra is an ancient system that teaches you to embrace all of life's experiences as opportunities to expand consciousness - to awaken to the aliveness, pleasure, and joy in each moment, and to cultivate that within yourself, your relationships, and in everyday life. In a safe, gentle, and respectful environment, you will learn practical tools for creating sacred space; deepening your ability to be present, relaxed, and ecstatic; awakening your body's awareness, balance, and vitality; and understanding the spiritual dimensions of sexual energy and intimacy. Together, we'll explore the art of choosing with awareness and intention what brings you pleasure and joy – a path that opens the door to deeper connection with spirit and a greater sense of aliveness and well-being.

Offered as private coaching sessions as well as in a variety of fun, practical workshop formats (one-, two-, and three day workshops; weekly classes (10 week series)), you will work in a supportive, respectful, and safe environment to learn how to:

• Cultivate and increase pleasure, aliveness, and joy in your relationships, your love life, and in everyday life.

• Acquire practical tools and techniques for creating safety, trust, and intimacy in relationships; moving beyond resistance and fears; connecting with your heart and with others'; and communicating what you want.

• Explore ways to heal and enhance sexuality, while deepening your ability to be present, relaxed, and ecstatic.

• Use breath, sound, and movement to awaken your body's energy centers, increase awareness and vitality, and expand your ecstatic potential.

• Balance and harmonize your inner feminine and inner masculine in order to establish a deeper, more authentic connection with yourself and with others.

• Re-connect sexual energy with heart energy and cultivate sexual health and vitality.

No experience necessary. Appropriate for singles, couples, and partners. For more information about these and other Tantra programs, call Michael at (408) 309-0962 or email

Sample Program Topics & Practices
Level I Topics
Level II Topics
Living the Tantric Life: History,
Myths, and Practical Applications
Deepening Intimacy: Connecting
Through Breath, Movement, and Voice
Creating Sacred Space: Cultivating the Art of Intention and Presence Balancing Yin & Yang: Developing Your
Masculine and Feminine Qualities
Conscious Communication: Healing Fears & Moving Beyond Resistance The Streaming Process: Awakening
Your Ecstatic Response
The Seven Sacred Aspects of Self:
An Introduction to Chakras
Transforming Past Wounds: Identifying
and Reclaiming Your Sexual Power
Three Keys to Expanding Your Ecstatic Potential Healing and Honoring Your Sexuality:
Empowering Vajra and Yoni
The Sacred Body: Healing, Honoring, & Empowering the Temple of Your Body Shiva & Shakti: The Art of Conscious
Presence and Energetic Flow
The Sacred Art of Touch: Asking For
and Receiving What You Want
Chakra Wave: Exploring and
Expressing Your Lifeforce Energy
The Dance of Yin & Yang: Awakening Your
Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine
Extending Your Orgasmic Potential /
The Art of Sexual Communication
The Heart Wave: Opening to Intimacy
and Creating Energetic Connection
Expanding the Heart Wave:
Uniting Energy and Consciousness
Tantric Puja (Sacred Ritual): Awakening
Your Inner Lover, Healer, & Magician
Tantric Puja (Sacred Ritual): Dance of the Divine – The Art of Giving and Receiving Love

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to the program are refundable less a $20 administrative charge per registrant. Cancellations received less than 7 days will be issued a credit towards a future program or session.

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