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Very Popular Couples Weekend

Learn to make every day Valentines Day at this exquisite weekend playshop for couples and partners (including same sex couples and "play buddies")... or anyone interested in experiencing the art of conscious loving, ecstatic connection, and sacred sexuality. During the weekend, you'll experience simple, practical, and fun teachings to relax and revitalize your body, clear your mind, and open your heart. We'll apply these teachings to awaken your Inner Lover and connect with the Beloved. Plus, we have a very special Tantric ritual planned Saturday evening to celebrate and honor your capacity for love, connection, and intimacy.

This very popular workshop offers a safe, respectful, and fun opportunity to explore proven and timeless tools for enhancing pleasure, awareness, and aliveness in your self, with your partner, and in your life.

Day One (Saturday)
The focus and theme of Saturday is "Opening to Intimacy." During the day, you and your partner will practice the art of creating safety and trust, moving beyond resistance and fears, connecting with your heart and with your Beloved's, and communicating what you want. Together, we'll explore ways to honor our bodies as sacred temples, heal and enhance sexuality, and deepen our ability to be present, relaxed, and ecstatic. The day will culminate with a beautiful partnering exercise for energetic connection and bonding.

During the evening, you will be co-creators in an exquisite sacred Puja (tantric ritual) devoted to awakening, honoring, and celebrating the Beloved. Details of this evening will be a surprise, but we promise this ceremony will be both memorable and transformative.

Day Two (Sunday)
Sunday is all about "Expanding Ecstasy and Pleasure." You'll share and support each other's ecstatic awakening as you practice cultivating and moving your lifeforce energy throughout your bodies. You'll use breath, sound, and movement to awaken your body's energy centers (chakras), increase awareness and vitality, and enrich your sensory experience. And you will learn Tantric tools for extending and expanding your orgasmic response and sexual potential. The day will culminate with an introduction to one of the jewels of the Tantric path, a chance to experience the union of energy and consciousness as you connect sexual energy with heart energy and create an energetic bond with your partner.

The Art of Ecstatic Love
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