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Private Coaching & Group Trainings (limited to 5-6 couples):
Michael is available for private coaching and small group intensives, either in a lovely temple space in the Santa Cruz Mts., around the SF Bay Area, or at your own home/location. For more info, call (408) 309-0962, or email
Note: During group trainings, we meet each day as a group. There are also two evening homeplay sessions with you partner. There is no explicit sexuality or nudity in group sessions.

During this intensive and experiental training on sexual communication and the art of orgasm for men and women, the skills you'll learn may well change your life. You'll be given simple yet profound keys to unlock an inner "pleasure chest" of untapped riches for you and your partner. You'll develop the skills and qualities necessary for cultivating sexual intimacy and becoming a more conscious lover. And you'll discover that truly ecstatic lovemaking is indeed possible ~ not once in a while or even once in a lifetime... but each and every day of your life..

During this training, you will learn how to attain the highest possible levels of orgasmic pleasure as well as how to enhance your intimate connection with your partner. You will acquire powerful tools and proven techniques for easy and effective communication during lovemaking, for achieving ejaculation mastery for men, and for deepening orgasmic pleasure for women.

NOTE: The following describes the basic format for my 3-day workshop for couples and partners. Private coaching for individuals and couples can be customized, and generally will cover the same content described below.

Day One is focused on the woman, or first partner, and will include coaching and instruction to prepare the woman for receiving, and the man for giving, during your evening homeplay session. During the day, you will learn to:
• Create a safe and sacred space for lovemaking
• Surrender and relax while in a high state of arousal
• Discover your orgasmic trigger points
• Guide your partner to give you endless sexual delight and pleasure

• Experience multiple, prolonged, whole body orgasms

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Day Two is focused on the man, or second partner, and will include coaching and instruction to prepare him for receiving, and her for giving, during your evening homeplay session. During the day, you will learn to:
• Move beyond goal-oriented sex into timeless pleasure and ecstatic bliss
• Connect your sexual energy with your heart energy
• Master ejaculation control ~ choosing if, how, and when you will orgasm
• Transform genital arousal into a full-body, multi-orgasmic wave

• Teach your partner to pleasure you so you can ride this multi-orgasmic wave

Day Three is a day of integration and feedback, and for preparing you to take your newfound skills home. It's also a day to honor and celebrate the intimacy and connection you and your partner shared during this weekend. Indeed, by the time we meet on Sunday morning, we will be a transformed group... empowered as compassionate givers and conscious receivers ~ and ready to claim our birthrights as ecstatic lovers.

No previous experience necessary. The weekend workshop is designed for couples and partners (including same sex couples, tantra partners, and "play buddies"). Private coaching can be arranged for individuals and/or couples.

Group Workshop Details
: TBD... Private home/temple in SF Bay Area, Santa Cruz, (or at your own location)
Begins Friday at 10:00am | Ends Sunday at 2:30pm.
Cost: $650/couple. $325/single if a pre-assigned partner can be arranged.

In Scotts Valley, this is a non-residential training, limited to 5 couples. Please inquire for hotel and lodging recommendations. For private workshops in your area, travel expenses will be included.

Private Coaching Details
I am available in the SF Bay Area and Santa Cruz County I can also travel to you anywhere in the US (deposit required). Special rates apply for private coaching, and also include all travel expenses. For more details, please call me at (408) 309-0962, or email

Before attending the weekend, it is recommened to purchase Margot Anand's 2-disk DVD "The Art of Orgasm: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple for Men and Women," as well as the companion book "Sexual Ecstacy: The Art of Orgasm."

How To Register
To register, please call first at (408) 309-0962 or email You may also mail a check or money order, payable to "Michael Pooley " (see below for mailing address). Be sure to include your mailing address, phone number, email address, and spell out your's and your partner's names – so we can follow up with a confirmation letter, directions, and instructions. Please note, if you email or mail your registration, we will need to call you back to confirm and discuss more about the program – so we can get a better sense of who you are and how the group is coming together.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to the program are refundable less a $20 administrative charge per registrant. Cancellations received less than 7 days will be issued a credit towards a future program or session.

Artwork courtesy of Andrew Gonzales.

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