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What would it be like if we lived our life as a daily celebration of the sacred? If every moment, every action, every interaction, was experienced with intention, awareness, and joy? We'd like to invite you to celebrate your own ecstatic awakening, a wondrous opportunity to fall in love with life, yourself, and everything around you.

An Invitation to Ecstasy
In The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, Margot Anand offers a practical vision for what our lives can be like when we "allow the spirit and sparkle of ecstasy to permeate our being." Anand describes "Seven Tantric Keys to Awakening" that can open a doorway to reveal the inherent beauty and meaning of our ordinary moments and daily activities.These seven keys are:
• Say "Yes" to life, in all its erotic passion and ecstatic pleasure
• Go with the flow of the life force, within and around you
• Trust yourself, and allow your personal power to manifest itself in every aspect of life
• Open your heart in loving compassion to yourself and to others
• Authentically express your creativity and your truth
• Look within to achieve clarity and insight in your life
• Surrender to your Source, so that you can know gratitude and spiritual peace, and open to the ecstatic potential in every moment

Living the Tantric Life
Indeed, Tantra teaches us to wake up and say "Yes" to what brings us pleasure and joy. Choosing to embrace this path, which we call "Living the Tantric Life," celebrates aliveness, heals past wounds and fears, enables conscious relationship and sacred sexuality, and ultimately opens the door to a deeper connection with spirit.

Intention, Awareness, and Joy
In our workshops and programs, we explore three simple qualities that are essential to Living the Tantric Life. These qualities, Intention, Awareness, and Joy, can be easily practiced in every aspect of your life - whether you're making love, getting the kids ready for school, attending a business meeting, or in line at the grocery store.

Practice Intention: Be clear about what you want from this moment - your desired outcome. Give yourself permission to speak your truth, and listen well to the other person's experience. This is the art of "conscious communication."

Practice Awareness: Show up and be fully present and aware of your experience in each moment - letting go of any attachments to what came before, and what may or may not come next. This is the art of "being here now," in this moment, with this person and this experience.

Practice Pleasure: Surrender to joy, embrace pleasure, and open to the magic in every moment. Let spirit be your guide and allow yourself to feel and express love, compassion, empathy, and connection. Share your heart with another, and be open to that person's unique expression of spirit. This is the art of "ecstatic love."

Every moment is an opportunity to fall in love with yourself, to authentically connect with that beautiful human being right there in front of you, and to fully celebrate the joy and delight of living!

Enjoy, Namaste, and be well!

The Art of Ecstatic Love
Michael Pooley, Founder & Director
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