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Here you will find articles and essays written by myself, friends and colleagues, and other esteemed teachers and educators whom I respect and recommend. Feel free to send your suggestions and ideas for articles and news to be added to this page. I'm always looking for inspiration and contributions. Enjoy. Namaste.

~From "Love, Life, & Spirit™" in The Connection Magazine~

Celebrate Sacred in Everyday Life
Ecstasy - It's Not a Pill, It's Your Birthright!
Creating Sacred Space: The Art of Intention
The Art of Speaking Truth and Listening Well
Conscious Communication: Healing Fears & Moving Beyond Resistance
Yes! More! Please! Asking For What You Want, The Way You Want It
Conscious Breath: Awakening and Cultivating Life's Ecstatic Potential
Healing Into Sexual Wholeness - The Tantric Approach
Awakening Your Body's Energy Centers: A Brief "Chakra Talk"
The Gift of Presence
Celebrating the Senses: Portals to Awakening

The Dance of Yin & Yang: Cultivating Feminine Flow and Masculine Presence
Healing and Celebrating Relationship: The Tantric Approach to Transforming Blocks to Intimacy

Embracing Death & Dying: Cultivating Presence, Compassion, and Acceptance
The Temple of the Body: Honoring, Healing, & Celebrating Your Gateway to Spirit
The Union of Shiva & Shakti: Awakening Consciousness and Lifeforce Energy
Warriors of the Heart: The Journey Through Vulnerability to Intimacy

SkyDancing Tantra: The Path to Bliss
The Art of Healing -Opening To & Embracing Life

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