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Let Nature Sing (c) Sacred Saturdays Presents:

Quantum Light Breath Meditation &
Shamanic Trance Dance

With Richard Bock, Mellissa Seaman & The Quantum Light Breath Orchestra

Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2006
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Please arrive early so we can start on time
Where: Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
: $25/person. No pre-registration or experience necessary, just drop in.

About This Month's Event
We're very excited that Richard Bock, Mellissa Seaman, and The Quantum Light Breath Orchestra are coming back to Santa Cruz to facilitate an evening of Quantum Light Breath Meditation and Shamanic Trance Dance. Using deeply effective guidance, Richard will guide us in exploring the healing power of the breath, combined with the deep vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo and toning, as well as flute, harmonium, Tibetan bells and bowls, drums, and other musical instruments. In an atmosphere of permission and direct experience, old belief and holding patterns can easily give way to reveal the radiance of our true nature.
Mellissa will then lead us in Shamanic Trance Dance, an ancient practice of utilizing specific trance-inducing rhythms and breathing techniques to release the spirit to journey, free of the ego and the chattering brain. In addition to the Quantum Light Breath Meditation and Shamanic Trance Dance, the evening will include a facilitated sharing circle to ground and integrate the experience. All are welcome. Dress for movement. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Quantum Light Breath Orchestra
Richard Bock (right), Aquatic Bodyworker, CMT, is a well-known practitioner of Watsu and Waterdance, and teaches at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs. His work is characterized by constant attention to the breath and by an extraordinary ability to connect profoundly with each person on both a physical and energetic level. Richard has been teaching meditation since 1978 and is a longtime practitioner and facilitator of Quantum Light Breathwork. Richard's style is warm, personal, and a direct extension of his being - a combination of childlike joy and deep, passionate connection. A deeply spiritual, loving, and present human being, Osher (middle) has been playing the didjeridoo for over eight years and is a virtuoso with sound, vibrational, and tonal healing. She performs and plays for music meditations, teaching, rituals, and events, and offers sound vibrational healings in all around the world. Jon (left) has been performing and composing music since he was very young, and currently records and produces music out of his San Rafael-based Little Buddha Studio. His musical explorations continue to lead him deeper into the experiential aspects of healing through sound. Through Quantum Light Breath, Jon's musical sensitivity enhances the breathwork experience.

About Mellissa Seaman
Mellissa Seaman is a shamanic priestess channeling healing, wisdom, and transformation. She shares her intuitive god-given gift for effecting deep and powerful release of sexual trauma and re-balancing the sexual creative energies in all people through profound shamanic healing, and through teaching women the ecstatic practices of the Temple Priestess. Mellissa also provides clarity and psychic channeled advise through Tibetan Numerology Readings. Mellissa transmits profound healing energy through her classes and private sessions while remaining accessible to people of all backgrounds, traditions, and lifestyles. Her varied experience and open sense of humor create in her a beautiful balance between the spiritual and material worlds. Visit

Volunteers Needed to Create Sacred Space
We're always in need of volunteers to help set up and/or take down the sacred space we create for each Sacred Saturday event. Of course, volunteers get to attend the evening for free, often join us afterwards for a late meal, and will be invited to our annual Holiday Gratitude Party in December. To volunteer, please call (831) 457-6535 or email

About Sacred Saturdays
Each Sacred Saturday is unique, drawing from various traditions such as Tantra, meditation, yoga, Buddhism, Sufism, Native American, dance, chant, and other paths to help us connect with ourselves and each other from a place of presence, awareness, and aliveness. Each monthly evening provides the opportunity to participate in a special Tantric Puja (sacred ritual) that may involve movement, music, breath practice, energy work, dance, chanting, active and still meditations, guided visualization, communication practices, and other ways to honor and celebrate our bodies, hearts, and spirit. Practices and rituals may be done alone, with a partner, or as part of the whole group. We strive to create an environment that is safe, respectful, and comfortable for those coming alone or as a couple, those coming for the first time, and those who want to build an ongoing community of people devoted to cultivating sacredness and joy in life.

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